Exclusive: Heidi Klum Shares on ‘Sex and the City’ outings with Sofia Vergara and the AGT Wives, Reveals Who She thinks Is the Group’s Carrie!

Heidi Klum Shares on Sex and the City outings and social gatherings involving Sofia Vergara and the wives of America’s Got Talent (AGT) wives, focusing on their connection to the television series ‘Sex and the City’. Additionally, she reveals who she thinks is the Group’s Carrie, as exclusively reported.

Celebrating their off-screen relationship, Heidi Klum and Sofa Vergara raise a glass on America’s Got Talent.

At the season 18 finale of America’s Got Talent, the supermodel judge, 50, spoke up to people about her off-camera activities with Vergara, 51, likening them to the ladies’ evenings out of a classic HBO series.

“We’re very Sex and the City, I have to say,” Klum stated on Tuesday during the final episode filming in Pasadena, California. We act like four teenage females when we go out. Simon Cowell’s fiancee Lauren, Howie Mandel’s wife Terry, Sofia, and I often socialize together.

“So when we sit there at the table and we’re stuffing down whatever it is and we’re giggling and drinking our martinis, I’m always like, ‘We’re so Sex and the City,” Klum said. “That is really funny! Yes, that’s us.

Who is the group’s Carrie Bradshaw? When asked which celebrity she thinks best resembles Sarah Jessica Parker’s role, Klum answered, “I give Carrie to Sofa.” As a matter of fact, Klum is more like Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones than the character herself.

Klum and Vergara have become quite close over the years. In fact, she gushed that if she had to choose between Simon Cowell (age 63) and Howie Mandel (age 67) to duplicate the balancing act of the Ramadhani Brothers from the season 18 finale, she’d go with the actress.

“Not because I don’t know, not because I trust my life, but because I feel like we would have the best groove together,” Klum told people. And we still want to present a decent appearance. And she would always put me in the lead.”

When asked whether she would be willing to repay the favor, Klum said, “Of course!” ‘I’d take her on my back. She assured me, “I would make sure she didn’t fall.”

The Ramadhani Brothers’ incredible performance on Tuesday night astounded the adjudicator.

“They are so memorable and amazing,” Klum said. They’re so near, but they do these maneuvers so high in the air. He had to step over it as he climbed the steps, and there were spaces in between. Obviously, he had to negotiate it.

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Says the speaker, “I mean, there were so many moments where you thought, Why is this guy not falling down?” Klum went on. And with this extra piece attached to the top, he was suddenly towering above everyone. I mean, it was really bonkers.

Backstage, Klum also said that she and the judges had intended to hang out on Mandel’s yacht after the program, but that Cowell had bailed at the last minute. To be polite, [Howie] wanted to take us out on his beautiful boat. He was working with a fantastic cook. Delicious sushi was on the table. According to Klum’s theory, “I think he wanted to show off his boat.”

All eleven finalists had their last performances on Tuesday’s AGT program before the winner was revealed on Wednesday.

Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET on NBC is the season 18 finale of America’s Got Talent.