What are the best things about living in Qatar?

Qatar is one of the countries in the UAE with amazing things to talk about. Don’t forget, that Qatar just hosted the 2022 FIFA World Cup competition, and it was a blast. The world had to see Qataris for who they are, which is hospitable, welcoming, and warm. Interestingly, there are quite a large number of expats residing in Qatar.

The number of expats keeps increasing because of the amazing working and living environment provided in this country. Nevertheless, if you are planning to relocate to Qatar, there are a few things you need to know. Let’s show some of the best things about living in Qatar.


Most of the accommodations built for expats are properly partitioned. Also, they have large rooms, and you will find basic amenities. Moreover, most apartment complexes have indoor gyms, pools, dry cleaning rooms, cafés, etc. Not to mention, you will find new houses built regularly.

Therefore, if you are looking for new homes with never-used fittings, you will find a lot in Qatar. But the rent in Qatar is paid in a lump sum. If you are lucky, you can find a homeowner who takes quarterly rent. The good part is that some expat employers pay all rent upfront for their staff.

Lifestyle in Qatar

Even though the lifestyle of Qataris is conservative, there are plenty of things to learn about your host. More so, Qatar is a developing global destination, and the emirate is constantly ensuring visitors are comfortable. Expats who move with their families to Qatar will easily fit in because the community is tight-knit.

There are several mom groups in Qatar. Aside from that, there are several parks for kids in this country too. However, extreme weather during the summer may make it difficult to enjoy outdoor activities. The absence of greenery in some neighborhoods also makes the heat worse. Nevertheless, bad weather doesn’t last forever.

Working in Qatar

Highly skilled expats in Qatar often hold senior positions. Also, the payment package is lucrative and rewarding. Depending on the organization, the payment package may include accommodations, a car, and other incentives.

Nevertheless, if you are not so skilled, you may need to upgrade yours to earn a handsome wage in Qatar. Furthermore, you have good negotiation skills to get the best offer from your employer in Qatar. Most often, the work day in Qatar starts from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sometimes, government offices in Qatar close by 1 p.m.

Cost of living in Qatar

One of the cheapest commodities in Qatar is fuel for your car, bike, etc. Qatar is an oil-producing country, and they ensure that their residents get fuel at a cheaper price. Therefore, driving is affordable compared to other European countries.

But food may seem expensive because most of it is imported. You can find Western imported food in malls and retail stores. Generally, the cost of living in Qatar is fair, but it could be better if more of their food is produced locally.


Contrary to what some people might think, Qatar has high-quality public schools. However, most of the public schools in Qatar cater to locals. Also, the government recruits intellectuals from overseas to train their kids in science and technology.

Meanwhile, in private schools, the same thing is replicated. However, most private schools follow British or American standards. The waiting list for public schools is long, and you may have to enroll your kids in private schools. Even though international schools are expensive, the quality of education is worth it.


The healthcare system in Qatar is efficient, and its responses to emergencies are fast. Also, the healthcare professionals in Qatar are well-trained. Consequently, the public and private healthcare systems are organized and boast high standards. Taking out health insurance is easy, and it’s often a requirement for employers to do so for their employees.