Winona Ryder, Owen Wilson, and LaKeith Stanfield Appear in a Deleted Scene from ‘Haunted Mansion’!

Enjoy the stunning performance of Winona Ryder in an exclusive deleted scene from ‘Haunted Mansion’ with esteemed actors Owen Wilson and LaKeith Stanfield.

In Haunted House, Rosario Dawson and Dillon play a mother and son who relocate to a New Orleans house for a fresh start.

After a shaky start to their relocation, she enlists the services of a motley squad of oddball specialists—tour guide Ben Matthias (Stanfield), psychic Harriet (Tiffany Haddish), priest Father Kent (Owen Wilson), and historian Bruce Davis (Danny DeVito)—to rid the estate of its paranormal inhabitants. Ryder and Dan Levy make cameo appearances in the film as well. Jared Leto and Jamie Lee Curtis also feature.

Director Justin Simien has already stated his intention to honor the Disney Parks attraction’s eerie and out-of-the-ordinary qualities by including a cameo from Ryder. Simien, now 40, says she had a feeling the film required someone from the “outset,” and she hoped her short appearance would make viewers feel nostalgic.

For Simien, his summer employment at Disneyland was the “best summer job” he’d ever had, as he told Variety. “During my breaks, I would ride the Haunted Mansion,” the filmmaker recalled. Something about the journey seemed to be written into the screenplay. As a self-proclaimed “nerd,” I wanted to make sure every Easter egg was included.

The filmmaker said to The Hollywood Reporter that “Carmen Cuba, the casting director, myself, and the studio were really enamored with this idea of plugging in classic faces in these cameo roles” and that it “just felt so right” that she would play the role of the tour guide at the conclusion of the film.

A previously unseen deleted clip from the Disney feature starring LaKeith Stanfield, Owen Wilson, Chase Dillon, and Winona Ryder has been made available exclusively to Newscase.

Haunted Mansion had additional amusements that were not included in the final version.

The planned home video release of the new film will contain deleted scenes, featurettes, and a blooper reel that has not been seen before.

On Wednesday, you may watch Haunted Mansion on digital platforms and Disney+, then purchase it on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD the following week. Oct. 17.