The Chinese video-sharing app, TikTok recently caused many accidents, some of them leading to deaths

There are various reasons as to why Madras high court is trying to ban the most famous Chinese video-sharing app, TikTok in India.
The main reason being, kids who are followers of the famous app are vulnerable to pornography. That’s not all. Within the recent past, there have been several cases where people have hurt themselves very seriously whereas creating videos for TikTok. Some of these serious injuries even resulted in deaths.

The most recent case that was noted took place in April 2019. A 19-year-old boy, Salman Zakir, was accidentally shot by his friend Sohail in the cheek whereas attempting to make a TikTok video. The shooting ultimately resulted in the death of Salman and his other 2 friends were arrested for the incident.
In February 2019, a college student from Tamil Nadu died as his scooter rammed into a bus. 3 students, Surya, Reagan, and Vignesh were having a joyride on a scooter while one of the pavilion riders was making a TikTok video. It’s evident in the video that the bike lost balance and smashed into a bus leading to the death of 1 of the 3.

One more TikTok incident, that was way more disturbing and hair rising took place in Punjab in January 2019. Whereas attempting to create a TikTok video, a man lost his life in the accident. In the video, a farmer is seen attempting to get on a moving tractor which has a cultivator attached to it. The man’s foot slips and instead of climbing on the tractor he ends up under the tire of the tractor and ultimately dying under the cultivator machine.

Another case that happened in Chennai in December 2018 comes to mind. While attempting to create a TikTok video for a Tamil song, a man was pretending to slit his throat with a knife. However, the man accidentally ends up really slicing his throat. Shocked at his own mistake, the video ends with the man holding his throat with one hand and trying to stop the recording with another hand.

TikTok also came under bad light in October 2018, once an app user V. Kalaiyarasan committed suicide. Kalaiyarasan, a resident of Vyasarpady in Chennai used to release videos in women’s clothes on his TikTok account. The backlash on those videos by his TikTok followers became so harsh that Kalaiyarasan ended up committing suicide.